A World of Difference - Cold Places - Spring 2022

Welcome to the Spring Term, it was lovely to see the children back in school after the Christmas holidays and hear all about their holiday adventures.  We would like to welcome the children that have started Nursery this week, the team look forward to getting to know you! The children are very excited about our new Mini Adventure A World of Difference - Cold Places and have already begun taking part in a wide range of exciting learning opportunities.  
Please see below for the Context for Learning Plans and Time to Shine's.
Nursery enjoying a variety of activities in their first week back.
We have been learning all about Emperor Penguins.  We painted penguins, used our fine motor skills to cut out and create a penguin and drew our own chalk penguins.
Dance - being an Emperor penguin, we waddled like penguins, slid on our tummies, huddled together to keep warm, found a mate and looked after the egg! The children moved to music using a variety of different movements, worked independently, collaboratively with a partner and as a group.
The reception children have been learning how to measure in centimeters using a ruler. They have been measuring a variety of objects and measured some penguins.
Developing our gross motor skills, balance and co-ordination using bikes, scooters and ride on toys.
We have to take turns, share, be co-operative and collaborate with each other.
Reception have been learning all about the mathematical concept of adding.  They have been using the language add and equals.  They have been learning how to add groups of objects together and how to write an addition calculation.
We have been learning all about Chinese New Year and about how they celebrate.  2022 is the year of the Tiger.  We created our own Chinese lanterns and dragon masks, explored noodles through sensory play and painted Chinese lanterns.  We also enjoyed dressing up in traditional Chinese clothing.
We have been developing our gross motor skills using the large apparatus in the hall. We have been travelling, climbing, using different parts of our bodies.  We also focused on jumping and landing safely. The children found some of the equipment a challenge but soon got over their initial reservations and were very brave giving everything a go, well done Explorers!
The reception children were inspired to make snowflakes by the snow that fell.
Exploring our new Polar Regions resources and finding out the best way to melt the ice so that we can free the penguins!
Creating penguins using a scrunching technique and pointillism - lots of dots. 
Counting Antarctic objects - spotting the objects and using beads to find out how many? 
Cutting out snowflakes and ordering by size.
Exploring, Creating & Building
Developing our gross motor skills - using bean bags to help develop balance, control, throwing and catching.
The reception children listened to Vivaldi's Winter and painted to the music. They interpreted what they heard and used paintbrushes and winter colours to express how the music made them feel.
Learning and Play