All Aboard!


In March, we began a new topic named 'All Aboard!' In this topic w will be learning about the history and impact of the railways as well as doing some science and technology based around trains. Please see the curriculum planning document below. 
We started this topic during remote learning and are continuing it as we return to school. We are so impressed with the work that the Voyagers completed at home - you can see some photos of our steam engine posters below. 
In our Design Technology lessons in this Mini Adventure. We designed, constructed and evaluated our own model trains. We worked in pairs for this project, sharing our ideas to create the best train that we could.
As part of this topic we have also enjoyed reading and performing The Railway Carriage, by Robert Louis Stevenson. We have listened to three different versions and compared the way they were read, and then made some videos of your own!
In our PE lessons this half term we have been practicing, 'Movement and Dance'. We have been creating a dance sequence that represents the different stages of the Water Cycle: Evaporation, Condensation, Precipitation and Collection. We worked in small groups to create our dances.