Autumn Term 2016

Friday 14th and 21st October 2016
At the end of the half term, the children were given the challenge of creating blobsters and their shelters using their knowledge of natural materials and attaching.  It was terrific to see the children working in teams to combine all of their expertise.  All of the children were able to build a raised shelter and to protect their blobster from the elements.  Following a rather windy week, the children made repairs to their shelters and considered new attachment techniques.  We reflected on our work this half term with marshmallows around the fire.
Friday 7th October 2016
Having successfully built waterproof shelters last week, the children were challenged to put their ingenuity to the test.  They were tasked with creating a natural, waterproof structure that before the rain (Mr P's and Mr Scott's watering cans) came.  There were some success stories but also a lot of wet heads.  The children have already started thinking about how they will modify their designs.
Friday 30th September
Today we have been expanding our knowledge of natural materials and the school grounds by:
  • Creating natural, waterproof canopies to protect our paper characters.
  • Completing a photo trail that involved exploring different parts of the school grounds.
  • Creating enclosed structures using a range of materials and joining techniques.
Friday 16th September
Today we began by exploring areas of our environment, searching for natural materials with which we could make our own Blobsters.  As you are most certainly aware, a Blobster is a creature found within our school grounds that is blob-like in form and consistency.  It was a messy job but it's important for us to know how to get ourselves clean again - it took a lot of water!  Have a peek below at some of our creations.
 Friday 23rd September 2016
What a busy afternoon!  The children completed three activities during our Forest Skills session.
  • They made maps of the school grounds that showed the best places to source different natural materials.
  • They took part in the 'Great British Blobster Off' and experimented with finding the perfect consistency for Blobster making.
  • The children were also encouraged to attach natural materials together using different methods that included knot tying.  There were some terrific results, including a working fishing rod!
Check out just some of the photographs from this afternoon.
Friday 9th September 2016
Today we started exploring our environment and becoming familiar with natural materials.  We rested in the sensory garden and found objects to sketch into our books.  By looking very carefully at our selected objects, we found that no two were exactly the same and tried our best to capture that in our drawings.