Autumn Term 2018

Autumn 2 - How does nature inspire us to make art?

Our new focus this half term; will be using nature to create pieces of art.

The children will be observing seasonal changes in the environment whilst selecting natural materials that inspire them and looking at detail such as colour, shapes and texture.

They will then plan, design and create their art using a choice of techniques.

They will begin to evaluate their work and consider any changes they need to make, before looking at how best to present their work  and taking a photograph for their learning journal.

Our focus will be working independently, persevering, evaluating and completing a task.

We are looking forward to seeing the children’s creations and which skills they choose to demonstrate.

Dragons, Monsters and Surfing?
Friday 19th October 2018
Today, we played some games that required physical contact with others.  We agreed that we needed to show patience and respect and to treat others how we would like to be treated.  We played a game of Chasing Tails, Monster Mayhem and even tried some Body Surfing.  The children were fabulous at respecting and caring for each other during these physical challenges.  We finished the song 'I let her go-go' in which the children are encourage to sing and dance with lots of different partners.
Peas of Art
Friday 12th October 2018
This week, we looked to promote leadership and communication whilst applying some artistic flair.  The challenge was simple: paint a picture of the evil pea.  However, what made life difficult was the fact the paintbrush was suspended on a piece of string that had to be maneuvered by 2 people.  This required serious communication and often someone needed to take the lead.  The children negotiated partners and tactics to produce pleasing group efforts.
Indoor Art
Friday 30th November 2018 
Today, we gathered our natural resources and took them to the hall to create our artwork.  We had to negotiate resources and space with lots of other children, which we did with great success.  We enjoyed channeling our creativity and expressing ourselves using a range of materials and skills.  This included weaving, painting and drawing skills.

Natural Art - Beginnings

Friday 16th November 2018

We began to look at the big question 'what is art?'.  There were many different ideas, as most art lovers will agree with.  The children had the chance to look at various examples of artwork, either using natural resources or inspired by the shapes and forms of nature.  The children started to make plans, collect their resources and work on their individual creations.There were examples of sculpture and structures, mud painting, land art, fairy dwellings and mandalas.  What a fantastic productive afternoon.

Autumn 1 - Respect, Trust, Friendship and Responsibility

Welcome to a new year of Forest Based Learning,

So far this term, we have welcomed our new friends and team members and have revisited our expectations and safe practices.

These have encouraged the children to feel safe, understand their ideas are valued and become confident and respectful within our outdoor environment.

Our focus has been leadership, communication and teamwork.

We have played games that teach us about trust and respecting each other and we are beginning to understand how roles are important and that we all have our part to play.

We have reflected on our strengths and weaknesses and used them to work together to clear and set up resource areas, build tarpaulin shelters and design obstacles and challenges for our friends.

Bo Boski
Friday 3rd October 2018
This week, we learnt some team clapping songs and games.  This required expert communication and A LOT of perseverance.  The children were fantastic at coaching and supporting each other to success.  We found it very rewarding to get it right but also understood that we can learn from any mishaps along the way.
Blindfold Golf
Friday 28th September 2018
This week, we continued to develop our trust and communication skills by listening to our partners as the guided us in a round of blindfold golf.  The children worked extremely hard to ensure that their partner was safe and successful.