BBC Newcastle


26th February 2019

Today, the children from Adventurers went on a visit to BBC Newcastle.  There, we learnt about how radio and television is produced and beamed out to people across country. 
Our amazing tour guides led us through the history of the BBC and some of the shows that BBC Newcastle has produced. We took part in CBBC game show Copy Cats, produced sound effects for a radio programme and even pulled a brain through a nose in the Horrible History room!
We were really keen to find out about how the news is produced and were lucky enough to meet news anchor Colin Briggs who talked us through how he does he job and showed us some tricks of the trade.  We got to to have our turn in the hot seat and use the foot pedal that powered the auto cue machine.
Later, we experimented with some green screen technology and saw what happened when we put a blanket the same colour as our background over our heads!  We would experience green screens again when we presented weather reports of our very own.
We have lots to think about as we return to school and look to set up our newsroom to present details of extreme weather from across the globe.