Bright Sparks!


In the second half of the Autumn term our mini adventure is Bright Sparks! We will be learning about electricity in Science and DT. We are also reading, 'The Witches' by Roald Dahl. In English we will be writing explanation texts. 
You can find the detailed planning for the mini adventure below. 
We have looked at complete and incomplete electrical circuits, and used wires, bulbs and batteries to create circuits of our own. We have also been learning about which symbols to use when drawing electrical circuit diagrams. 
We have been looking at Roald Dahl's revolting rhymes. We learned about rhyming couplets and even tried to write our own! We practised reading 'Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf' out loud, using great expression and intonation. You can listen to us reading it below!
After listening to a selection of the Revolting Rhymes, we have planned and written our own 'alternative' version of Cinderella.