Clues from the past


Please see the detailed plans for the mini adventure below - check back to see photos and updates as we go through the mini adventure. 

Clues from the Past

This half term, the children have been taking part in a Mini Adventure called ‘Clues from the Past’. The mini adventure has had a History focus, with children using clues from the past to develop an understanding of what it was like to live in the Stone Age through to the Iron Age. From evidence we have found out how people lived and what they ate. 

The children have also enjoyed reading our class novel, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C.S Lewis. We have been writing character profiles, a descriptive piece  to set the scene and letters comparing Narnia to our lives today. 


In English, we have participated in lots of different tasks. We wrote a character profile of Mr Tumnus, a descriptive piece of writing about Lucy discovering Narnia for the first time, a letter to Mr Tumnus about our land here in Felton and we also researched the life of C.S Lewis. Did you know that C.S Lewis’ full name is Clive Staples?



In PE, this half term, our topic has been Gymnastics. We have been working in pairs to develop our floor work to create a short sequence to perform to our peers. We had to think about using the space effectively, use a range of balances and transitions and consider using ideas of symmetry from Maths, to develop movement in unison. We then adapted these to the apparatus. An important part of our work this half term has been evaluating our own performance and the performance of our peers, to make them even better - a very important skill. 

Robinwood visit 
We were really excited when we left school on Wednesday 9th February for our 3 day residential to  Robinwood Activity Centre in Alston - what a great 3 days we had! Thank you to Mrs Gamston, Mrs Dixon, Mr Shaw and Mrs Jackson for taking us. 
When we returned to school, we reflected on the 3 days and here is what we thought.......

“I really enjoyed all the activities at Robinwood, especially the giant swing. This was amazing! You get lifted high up in the trees and dropped down with a powerful force!”     James Mi 

“I really liked archery- the only problem was that it was hard aiming at the target! I did hit the target 2-3 times though!”    Dylan

“I loved the trip to Robinwood very much, my favourite activity was the trapeze. Robinwood has made me feel braver and given me confidence!”     Annie 

“It was amazing! I was very scared on the giant swing, it is a good experience. I recommend it to the Adventurers!          ” Vita

 “I enjoyed Robinwood because it kept us busy with all the activities. My favourite was the giant swing because it made my belly feel empty! One of the activities was called the Piranha Pool and we had to solve the riddles to escape!”       Marlowe

“My favourite activity was the crate challenge where we used pulleys to stack crates. I liked sleeping in a bunk bed and staying up late with my friends!”      James Mu

 “I really liked the giant swing, I had to pull on Winnie the Pooh to make it go. Everyone shouted ONE, TWO, PULL ON THE POOH! Then the swing went! I would recommend it to the Adventurers' class because its fun and you get to do it with your friends.”       Jessica

“At Robinwood I went on the zip wire, caving and canoeing. I challenged myself to do the climbing wall! I would recommend the trip to year one and two because it is fun and a challenge!”       Luke

“My favourite activity was the Piranha pool which was amazing because I knew the teachers wouldn’t really put me in danger! I would tell others to go to Robin wood as it’s so much fun and some things seem scary before you do them, but aren’t scary at all, and you will want to do them again and again!” Jamie

“We went caving in a dark cave and that was my favourite! It was all so much fun, the bunks are comfy and the food was delicious!” Joshua



In Art, we have been considering what cave paintings tell us about life in the Stone Age. We found out that most cave paintings depicted animals or hunters. They used natural colours from mineral pigments so we used lots of red, brown and orange in our work, as in lots of the photographs we looked at. We also found out that some cave paintings include impressions left of hands like in the Cave of the hand in Argentina. We sketched our cave painting onto sandpaper to give it texture and then used paint. We had to think carefully about how we could make it look authentic and thousands of years old, using sponges to apply the paint. 


In Science, we have been studying Materials. We recapped at the beginning how to group materials and the properties of given materials. We have moved on to looking at how we can group materials into liquids, gases and solids. We have taken part in lots of investigations  to show how these states of matter can change. We designed and carried out an investigation to show the rate that an ice cube melts, according to the material that holds it - we had to use lots of observation skills. Some of our predictions were not correct! 


In Maths, this half term, we have been continuing with our multiplication and division topic. We have been using a range of manipulatives to divide numbers that have a remainder. We sometimes had to exchange a ten counter for ten one counters to help us with our calculations.

We have also been understanding length in our Measurement topic. We were very good at estimating the length of a range of objects in the classroom. We then had to measure it accurately to the nearest centimetre using a ruler or metre rule. We have also been understanding relationships between mm, cm, m and km. 



On Tuesday 8th February ( Safer Internet Day) we considered how we, as young people,  are shaping the interactive entertainment spaces we are part of. Safer Internet Day enabled us to celebrate our role in creating a safe internet, whether that is whilst gaming and creating content or interacting with our friends and peers. During the day, we remembered the importance of staying safe whilst on the internet, whether on the computer or other internet enabled device. We discussed a range of scenarios and considered what we would do if we were in this situation. We also considered our role in supporting each other and the need to respect each other, looking also to Mental Health Week in school too!