Disappearing Coasts


Welcome back to the second half term of the Spring Term! 

We celebrated World Book Day 2022. The children dressed up as their favourite characters and brought the book into school, The children all looked amazing - well done everyone. 

As part of our World Book Day activities, we were also challenged by Mr Johnson to learn and recite a piece of poetry. Click on the link below to listen to our class rectial. I am sure you agree all the children tried really hard to be very clear and articulate in their performance. 
This half term, the children in Voyagers have been taking part in a Mini Adventure called ‘Disappearing Coasts’. This mini adventure has a Geography focus, with children finding out how weathering, erosion and deposition can shape the land, and in particular coasts. We will be considering whether we should try to slow down the process of coastal erosion or whether we should allow it to happen!  
In English, we are reading The Mousehole Cat, written by Antonia Barber and beautifully illustrated by Nicola Bayley - well worth a read! We have been exploring the dramatic and moving Cornish tale of Mowzer, the cat and his companion, Tom, who brave the fury of the Great Storm Cat to try and save their village. This has involved us writing newspaper articles to report on this event, giving advice to the people of Mousehole about surviving a storm    (lots of great advice after we survived Storm Arwen) and designing party invitations to invite people to remember Tom and Mowzer!
In Science, we are looking at plants and what conditions they need to be at their very best. We have been very busy watering our plants and hiding plants in the cupboard, to see how they react! We are using our skills of observation!
In Maths, we have also been studying fractions. We have used a fraction wall to recognise equivalent fractions but Mr Johnson now wants us to use our knowledge of  out times tables to solve problems. 
In Technology, we have been looking at shell structures. Mr Johnson challenged us to design a pencil holder for our desks using the idea of a shell structure. We had to think carefully about what joins we could use to join the sides of the holder together as we were not allowed to use glue to do this! We have been doing lots of Maths in terms of measuring out our shapes and developing our cutting skills. 
In Maths, we have been exploring area and perimeter. As well as working out the area and perimeter of rectangles and squares, Alex and Marlowe used string to work out the circumference of round shapes that they could find in the classroom. They had to be very accurate reading their measurements. 
James investigated how many shapes he could find with an area of 9 centimetres squared. He started off with a square ( 3cm by 3cm) but had lots of unusual shapes. How many can you think of? 
In PE, we have used the Mousehole Cat as our inspiration for our work in Dance, retelling this story through movement.
We are so pleased that we have returned to our Wednesday morning one mile run around our lovely village of Felton, taking in the wonderful buildings and countryside, and listening to the wonderful wildlife. On Wednesday 9th March, Ms Leithead challenged us to run a little further and raise money for those in the Ukraine. Special mention to James Miley who ran 4 miles! He is pictured below with Luke and received Star of the Week! Well done, James.
In Invasion Games, we have been practising dribbling a ball accurately using both feet, keeping the ball close and touching sides of the ball with the soles of our feet. We have also had to consider our positions to maximise the opportunity of interception and adjust our positions to receive a pass. We have developed the skill of evaluating each other's performances and being critical friends. 
We were delighted to welcome Adam from Kielder Observatory to talk to us about rocks, He was very knowledgeable but he was really impressed too with our understanding of rocks and meteors! He had lots of rocks that we were able to feel and touch. 
" I loved finding out that the sun is a burning ball of gas"   Harris 
" I loved the video of a meteor falling to the ground within metres of a car travelling along a motorway!"   Zara 
" I loved feeling and touching the rocks that were found billions of years ago. Adam was very proud of his rocks and told us lots of interesting facts"   Lexie
" If rocks fall from space then they travel faster than a bullet so can do lots of damage"   Marlowe 
" He told us about a meteor that was bigger than the village of Felton!"      Vita 
" I would love to visit the Observatory at Kielder sometime - Adam really inspired me!!"    Betty 
We asked Adam about what qualifications you need to be an astronomer. He told us that he studied science subjects at school for his A - levels, then he went to university to study Physics and Astro-Physics. However, he believes you just need to have enthusiasm for all things space to work somewhere like Kielder Observatory!