Dive In! Autumn 1 2021-2022


Our Mini Adventure is called ‘Dive In’. Please see the Mini Adventure sheet for this topic for all details, but as a brief overview we will be:

  • Diving down to discover the different layers of the ocean, discovering what marine life lives in each and how they are adapted to survive in such differing and diverse conditions

  • Discovering all about ocean currents: why they occur and the impact they have upon the planet as a whole.

  • Finding out about key explorers, such as James Cook, to discover where they voyaged, their motivations for undertaking such dangerous expeditions and the impact their explorations had.

  • Reading Treasure Island as our class novel - exploring the text in guided reading and charting the journey upon our world map.

  • Being inspired by the combined scientific and artistic skills of artists such as Ernst Haeckel and creating our own drawings and prints of marine animals.

  • Being awed and inspired by the scale, scope and wonder of our oceans!

'Getting to know you web' on our first day back!
Here we are hard at work in English revising word classes!
In PE, we are practising our 'Net and Wall Games' in a weekly skills session. Here we are playing seated volleyball!
Our first art lesson - we have made observational drawings of the marine animals we have researched this week: vampire squid, angler fish and hatchet fish. We gave our talking partners specific critiques in order to improve each new draft.
Exploring printing and using our observational drawing skills to create some detailed printing blocks.
We have been revising the rules and conventions of Roman Numerals this week in maths: