Forest Based Learning Awards
This year, we are introducing our Forest Based Learning Awards.  We have 7 overarching areas for developing personal qualities and life skills that all of our children will work towards.  These are:
  • Love, Learn, Live
  • Keeping Safe
  • Communicate, Present & Record
  • Achieve
  • Create & Innovate
  • Reflect & Evaluate
  • Collaborate, Inspire & Lead
In each of these areas, the children will work towards their Pebble, Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.
  • Explorers are working towards their Pebble Award.
  • Adventurers are working towards their Bronze Award.
  • Voyagers are working towards their Silver Award.
  • Pioneers are working towards their Gold Award.
At the start of each half term, our FBL pages will show which areas we are focusing on and show how we are working towards them.