Fun on the Rhine


The overview for our topic, Fun on the Rhine is attached below, along with the Autumn Newsletter.
We have been writing some non-chronological reports all about the countries that The River Rhine passes through. Together, using Talk for Writing, we learned a text about Great Britain, so that we could use the sentence structures to make our own non-chronological report. 
We have had so much fun this half term looking at the geographical features of Europe. We have learned map reading skills, looked at mountain ranges and learned about the primary rivers in Europe. 
We have had lots of fun exploring our European topic at the beginning of this term! We started out my learning some geographical  vocabulary: 
Northern and Southern Hemispheres
Lines of longitude and latitude
We have also looked at regions of the UK and tried to name European countries. We have had lots of fun playing these online games!
In art, we have been doing some observational drawing. We went down to the bridge over the River Coquet to do some sketching, Miss Henery helped us to keep looking at what we were drawing, and to notice all the details in the archways, the bricks, the plants and especially the light and shadows. 
We were so excited to visit the BALTIC centre for contemporary art last week. We took part in a bridge drawing workshop, looking at the bridges crossing the Tyne and practising our sketching techniques. We also created some bridges of our own designs and even walked over the Millennium Bridge, crossing from Gateshead to Newcastle. 
We looked around an exhibition by the artist Ad Minoletti and are going to be created our own work, inspired by this artist in the coming weeks.