Going for gold!


Please find our mini adventure plan for this half term below. 
In our mini adventure this half term we have been learning all about Ancient Greece. We have been discussing the differences between the city states of Athens and Sparta. We talked about how each of these states were governed and how Ancient Athens was the birthplace of democracy. To create an interesting debate, we used 'hot seating'. The children took turns to sit in the 'hot seat', taking on the role of various Athenian and Spartan characters, whilst the rest of the class asked them questions about what their life was like in Athens or Sparta. We learned all about these two cities and had lots of fun too! 
In PE this half term we have been developing our ball handling skills, throwing, catching and dribbling the ball with our feet. In this lesson we practiced our throwing and catching skills, we developed our overhead pass, chest pass and bouncing pass skills. We finished with some circle passing games. 
In our forest based learning lessons this half term we have been searching for the early signs of spring. Working in pairs, we set off into the woods armed with clip boards and pencils to make a note of what we could find. The children used a check sheet of clues to help them search, they had to describe what they could see, hear, smell and feel whilst exploring the school grounds. 
In our Mini Adventure lessons recently we have been learning about some of the famous battles and wars that the Ancient Greeks fought in. We have learnt all about the Battle of Marathon, Thermopylae and the Trojan war. In this lesson we took turns to act out different parts of the battle, the beginning, middle and end, and had to freeze frame in a suitable pose for each part. 
As part of our Mini Adventure this half term we completed a mock Archaeological excavation in the flower beds here in school! It was a very exciting experience, we found lots of artefacts. Most of the things we found were from the Tudor period and were made from iron. We started by using some string to make a grid over each flower bed. We did this so that it would be easier to plot exactly where we had found each artefact. We had lots of fun in this lesson, getting to unearth genuine artefacts!.