Goodness Gracious Great Fire of London! - Remote Learning Spring 2021


During this period of remote learning, the Adventurers are heading back in time to the streets of London in 1666. Here, we will develop our historical inquiry skills and find out about the significant people and events of the Great Fire and the impact it has on our lives today.
We investigated the reasons that helped the fire spread at such a devastating speed.  One of which was the materials the houses were made from.  Can you remember what the houses were made from?  What else helped the fire spread so quickly?
As geographers, we have been looking at the countries that make up the United Kingdom and finding out a  little bit more about them.  We also used our DT skills to recreate some famous London landmarks.
Our class novel introduced us to a character called Uncle Jack.  We identified the different adjectives used to describe his appearance and made pictures of him.
As there were no 'selfies' in 1666, we can find out about people through their portraits.  We studied the portrait of Samuel Pepys and used it to find out more about him - like his love of music and that he wore a curly wig!  We then created our own versions of the Pepys' portrait.  We also thought about what we would want to include about ourselves in our own portraits.
After discovering that the Great Fire started in a London bakery, we followed a salt dough recipe to make some baked goods of our own.