Growing and Changing


This half term our Mini Adventure is all about Growing and Changing.  We are focusing on the lifecycle of a butterfly, sunflower and will also be looking at how we grow and change from baby to child.  We will be finding out which foods keep us healthy and we will also be finding out about how to look after our teeth. 
Please see the Mini Adventures below for more information.
We have been exploring 'Blossom'.  We found some blossom in the school grounds and the children wanted to create their own printed trees.  They used paint, brushes, sponges, cotton buds, cotton wool and tissue paper to create their blossom tree interpretations.  To help develop fine motor skills the children could decorate a tree using pegs and pom-poms.  The nursery children all thought of words to describe the blossom and the reception children wrote sentences to describe the blossom.  These are all on display in the cloakroom area.
The children have been developing their fine motor skills, they chopped the cucumber into slices to create a food representation of  The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  they also chopped red pepper and then used currants for the eyes.  The children were very good at resisting temptation to eat as they were chopping!
Independent and adult focused learning and play.
The nursery children who will be reception in September have been exploring the phoneme 's'.  They played the 'Silly Soup' game and found objects beginning with 's'.
In RE the reception children are exploring Special Places of Worship.  The focus this week was on the Church, the children were representing churches through drawing and building.
One of our key texts is The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  The children have been exploring the story through a variety of activities.  The nursery children have been developing their counting skills by making a caterpillar using pom-poms.  They have also been feeding the very hungry caterpillar the food in the correct order as the story, lots to remember as he was indeed very huingry!
Warming up for PE!
We are focusing on developing our throwing and catching skills and we have been using bean bags.  We have been throwing them up and down, putting them round our waists and underneath each leg.  The last two activities help develop bilateral skills and develop the connections in the brain.  We have also been practicing throwing to a partner both sitting down and standing up.  The children have also been practicing these skills outdoors.  
The reception children have been using 100 squares to find the number that is 1 more/1 less, number before/after.  They had to listen carefully to the instructions and put their peg on the answer.  We were focusing on numbers within 20.