Home Learning


The Adventurers are currently staying home and staying safe but that hasn't stopped us from carrying on our amazing work.  Having applied the finishing touches to our 'Staying Healthy' Mini Adventure before Easter, we are now climbing through the leaves of The Magic Faraway Tree and are looking for adventure.
From Monday to Thursday, head into Google Classroom to find Phonic, Reading, Writing and Mathematics activities that will be marked and returned.  In addition, there are rolling activities for the Foundation Subjects to choose from on Friday - however, you can choose to complete these any time you wish.
Mr P will be online every day between 8:45 and 10:00 AM to respond to any questions about daily tasks and will check in again in the afternoon.  Mrs Robshaw will also be online looking at the brilliant work the Adventurers produce.
On this page, we will upload an overview of activities for each week, helpful resources and links as well as some photos of the children's work.
VE Day 75
Last week, we celebrated VE Day 75.  The children knew there were going to be big celebrations so we decided to look back at why.  Making posters, baking war time recipes and colouring flags were just some of the activities the children did as part of their celebrations.
Enid Blyton
Our historians have been reporting back with the facts they have found about Enid Blyton.  They have presented their findings by making posters, leaflets and using j2e.
Your Own Land
There was a missing chapter from our book. Thankfully, the Adventurers took it upon themselves to replace it.  Using the style of the book, the Adventurers imagined their own land, the people in it and wrote a chapter.
Kandinsky's Trees
 Inspired by The Magic Faraway Tree, we looked at artwork of trees created by Kandinsky.  We were tasked with making our own version using any medium we liked.
A Super Science Experiment
A top Adventuring Scientist has been busy testing the effects of sunlight on paper and has created these incredible shadow prints called photograms.  Watch the instructional video below so you too can create amazing art by harnessing the power of the sun! 
Marvellous Mathematicians
 We have been working hard on some subtraction work and odds and evens.  To help wot our subtractions, we have been using empty number lines and calculating using coins.
Weekly Activities
Check here for the latest activity updates.  For those with access to Google Classroom, these activities will be online from 4th May.
Handy Links
Bookshelf Scavenger Hunt
 We have been searching through our bookshelves to try and find that books that would help us tick off our Scavenger Hunt List.  We then found or made cosy places to read.  One of the things they had to find was a book they thought Mrs Connolly would enjoy - there were some great suggestions like nature books, Scattercat and The Adventures of the Dish and the Spoon.
Super Shapes
We have been exploring lines of symmetry with 2D shapes and reminding ourselves of the names and properties of 3D shapes too.
Little Chef
The Adventurers have been busy helping out in the kitchen over the past few weeks.  As we are thinking about growing things, we started thinking about which part of the plant we eat.
At the top of the tree...
 We have been imagining what the lands at the top of The Magic Faraway Tree are like.
Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar
Our amazing Adventurers are still working hard on their spelling skills.  We have been revising Phase 5 graphemes as well as looking at the rules for applying different prefixes and suffixes.