Home Learning


Home Learning
Welcome to the new Home Learning Page.  This page will be updated regularly with the Activity/Learning Plans.  It will also be updated with a selection of the photos you send of your children taking part in a wide variety of play and learning opportunities at home.  Have fun!
Mrs Pounder and Mrs Murray
Thank you for the lovely photos you have sent over the last couple of weeks, you have been doing some lovely activities at home with your families and I miss you all. I am really proud of all the work and activities you have been undertaking.  There are some wonderful photos of fun family times together!
Back to School at last!
Finally after 12 weeks of learning at home most of the Reception and some of the Nursery children returned to school.  The children have really enjoyed their first week back at school and have embraced the new classroom layout, changes in access of resources and routines. They have adapted really well to the new normal in school.  The children enjoyed being in their own 'bubble' and loved being part of their pod.  Lots of learning, fun, activities and games.  The children really enjoyed seeing their friends and playing together whilst remaining at a safe distance.  A fab first week back with everyone looking forward to next week!  Please look at the many photos below to see the children engaged and enjoying their first week back in school.