Home Learning Spring 2021


Home Learning Spring 1 - 2021
Welcome to the Home Learning Page.  This page will be updated with a copy of the weekly plan that you receive by email along with any other information that may be of use to you.  It will also be updated with photos to show the play and learning opportunities that your children have been undertaking.
Please remember to contact me by email on sophea.pounder@school360.co.uk if you have any questions or queries regarding your child or their learning.
Week 1 Photos
Thank you to the parents who have sent me photos of your child's learning this week.  It's lovely to see what they have been up to and it's lovely to be able to respond to your children via email to give feedback.  Your children have been very busy carrying out lots of the learning tasks in the planning.  Well done on completing Week 1 of Home Learning, you're all doing an amazing job! 
Please keep sending the emails and photos. 
Week 2 Photos
Thank you again for all your lovely photos.  The children have taken part in lots of the activities based around the story 'Little Red Riding Hood' on the planning and you are all doing an amazing job mummies and daddies, well done!  It's lovely to see all the additional activities you are doing too.  The feedback in the emails is fab and it's lovely to hear what you've all been up to.  Keep up the hard work, you are all little superstars!
Week 3 Photos
You have been very busy this week doing lots of the Jungle themed activities based around the story 'Walking Through the Jungle'.  Well done everyone, you're all working really hard!  I am really impressed with how you are all undertaking so many of the home learning tasks.  Keep up the amazing work everyone - mums and dads included!  Thank you for all your lovely photos and emails.  
Week 4 Photos
Another week of amazing Home Learning, well done everyone, you have done some amazing 'Aliens Love Underpants' related activities.  There has been some amazing rocket building, alien creating, space number counting and sorting, subtraction calculation work, some fantastic phonic work and super writing.
Lots of you are enjoying the reading and it's lovely to see and hear that you are motivated and enjoying the online books.  You are all working so hard and I am so proud of you all.  1 week to go an it's half term!
Fabulous work everyone!
Week 5 Photos
There was a surprise this week - Lots of snow and I'm sure all of the children enjoyed playing and having some fun in it, I know the children in school did, we definitely had lots of fun despite the very cold temperatures.   We are very lucky to have such wonderful grounds that were transformed into a winter wonderland to play in and explore. I know Lewis wasn't quite so sure about the snow when it was 14 to 1 in a loose snow fight!  Lots of warm juice and hot chocolate certainly helped to warm us up!  This week was a continuation of our Space theme and the children have undertaken many of the activities set at home and at school.  You are all doing so well and I am very proud of you all.  Keep up the hard work and enjoy your half term break!