International Trade

I do hope that everyone had a great Easter holiday and didn't eat too many Easter eggs. I can't believe how quickly this academic year is going. This half term will be very busy. Our mini adventure is called International Trade and we will be looking at how we export and import goods across the world. In Science, we will be looking at living things and their habitats - the children have already amazed me with their knowledge. 
Please see the mini adventure plan above for more information. 
In English, our class text is Dominic Grows Sweetcorn by Mandy Ross, and beautifully illustrated by Alison Bartlett. Dominic's grandad tells him wonderful stories about growing up in Jamaica. This links well to our Geography topic about international trade. 
We have been looking at writing a list of instructions to make a healthy sandwich. We had a basic list of ingredients that we could change if we wanted to! We had to really think about the order of our instructions, using time adverbs and bossy verbs.
In Maths, we continue our fractions topic. We have been using bar models to help us find the fraction of a quantity e.g 1/3 of 45 then use this knowledge to solve problems like 1/3 of _  = 12. We needed to know our times tables to solve these!
 In Computing, we are bug fixers. We have been finding and correcting various types of bugs using a pre loaded Scratch game. 
In PE, this half term we are really lucky to be developing our cricket skills with Tom Vickers, who is a Cricket Development Officer for Northumberland Cricket Board. We have really enjoyed playing a game, practising our batting, bowling and catching skills. 
During the week of 9th May, we have had a special focus on developing our geographical skills using our fantastic village of Felton. We have learnt the 8 points of the compass and have used these to describe a change in position and direction. We have been on lots of walks, used our senses, drawn sketch maps, carried out traffic counts, identified human and physical features, listed the services of our village and even studied the River Coquet! We have learnt so much and asked and answered lots of geographical questions. Well done, Voyagers!