Let's Put On a Play!

Kids Action Through Science (KATs) Project

We were invited to take part in an initiative organised and run by Newcastle University called the KATs project.

By studying the puffins which live on the Farne Islands, the project aimed to:

  •  Encourage us to consider careers in STEM, with a particular focus upon encouraging girls to pursue STEM careers
  •  Make us more aware of environmental issues
  •  Teach us ways we can take action and engage in citizen science

 Here are some pictures of our amazing trip on a puffin cruise to the Farne Islands. We collected data by: taking notes of our observations, recording the sounds of the wildlife, taking pictures (becoming the ‘puffinrazzi’) and measuring the quality of the air.


Our play rehearsals are going so well. Lots of the children have learned their lines already and we are starting to go outside to see how our forest areas can be used to stage our production. Here's a sneak peek!
Exploring Themes
We have begun to explore the main themes of A Midsummer Night's Dream, extending our work we did about the main themes of Holes (Spring 1).