Reconnecting with my local community -Spring 2021


Mini Adventure sheet for 'Reconnecting with my local community' - Remote learning Spring 2021
Here are some of our nature observational drawings we have created at home:
We have learned all about geographical enquiry skills and discovered how to pose a geographical question. To put these skills to the test, we have conducted a traffic survey of our local area. Here are some of our results and conclusions:
We have been studying animal classification as part of our science topic. Here are some classification keys we have made to classify some local wildlife:
To start our Local Geography topic, we drew maps of our local area...completely from memory! Here are the results!
Local geography
Look at what we have made! 'Emoji' maps representing our thoughts and feelings about our local area.
Local Geography
Mrs Gamston challenged us to make our own representations of our local area, using Urban Earth as inspiration!
We had to carefully plan our routes and decide how many steps we would take between each picture - this way we could collect systematic geographical data!