Reconnecting with my School Community Autumn 2020


Here are our natural sculptures, inspired by the artist James Brunt:

Pioneers Homework Update

With the start of our new mini adventure - ‘Reconnecting with my school community’, homework is recommencing this week also.

All homework tasks will be shared with the children on Google Classroom, accessed by their School360 accounts. It will be posted each Thursday and is due the following Wednesday, by 4.00pm which will be clear as the ‘due date’ on all tasks. For all tasks, the children can either create a Google Doc to share answers or take a picture of their work and share this on Schools 360. We are hoping to continue the brilliant work and enthusiasm the children showed when using Google Classroom during the lockdown. 

Spellings will always be a review of the spelling rule covered in class that week, in preparation for a Monday spelling test. Rather than learning a list of words, the children will be encouraged to use that week’s spelling rule and learn how to apply it. Spelling test words will be a selection of words that follow the week’s rule.

Maths homework will usually be a ‘sneak peek’ of the next week’s learning. It might be a re-cap of the fluency and calculation skills learnt the previous year or introduce the children to this year’s learning, as appropriate. Structuring the homework this way will allow the children to come to their maths lessons having already accessed some of the fluency and calculation work, with the aim being to allow all children the maximum time to work on more complex reasoning and problem solving strategies in class. We can also address any tricky bits in the homework and give more individual support. I will send each child home with a squared paper exercise book. This book can stay at home and can be used for setting out calculations in maths.

Thank you as always for your support,

Please find our Mini Adventure Overview and Time to Shine plan for this term. 
We've been busy creating some drama freezeframes for our Values Videos this week: