Smile - Spring, Easter & Nursery Rhymes

Welcome Back
After a period of Home Learning we look forward to welcoming all the Nursery and Reception children back to school on Monday 8th March.  We have planned a small Mini Adventure that will help support the children on their return to school.  This will have a focus on our SMILE curriculum and we will be focusing on Spring, Easter and Nursery Rhymes.  Please click on the link below for a copy of the Mini Adventure.
Back to School
The children came in amazingly well and all settled very quickly back into school.  They were all very chatty and super excited to see their friends.  The staff were really impressed by all of the children and it was as if they had never been away.  A fantastic start, well done Explorers!
Some photos of all the children enjoying playing together again.
The children have been finding out about and exploring daffodils.  They have created their own observational drawings and paintings.  They explored daffodils and dissected them to find out the parts of a daffodil and named them.  They also labelled a picture of a daffodil.  The children measured the stems using non-standard and standard units and finally used them to paint with and cut them up to develop their scissor skills.  The children used daffodils as inspiration for their Mother's Day cards.  they used paint and tissue/crepe paper to create a daffodil.
Comic Relief
The children all came to school dressed in red or clothing of their choice in return for a donation to Comic Relief.  Our day began with going on a red hunt, we then used these items to play Kim's game, there were lots of objects on the tray so the children had to look closely, pay attention and use their memory and recall skills.  We then went into the hall to take part in a Sticky Kids physical development session.
The children also created their very own 'Superhero' mask using a variety of mediums and materials as well as taking part in lots of other fun activities.
The reception children have worked very hard since coming back to school and have been very busy undertaking lots of adult focused tasks.  They have been taking part in lots of phonics, maths and writing based activities along with time to learn through play based experiences.
Outdoor Play and Learning
We spent lots of time outdoors developing our social skills and gross motor skills.
We have been learning why Christians celebrate Easter and The Easter Story.  As part of this the children all made their own Palm leaves and recreated Jesus riding into Jerusalem.
The Nursery children have been enjoying being back at school and have enjoyed taking part in a variety of independent and adult focused activities.  
Looking for Signs of Spring
We went for a walk to look for signs of spring.