Spring Term 2017

One potato, two potato, three potato, four!
17th February 2017
Today we got the fire burning and cooked some delicious potatoes.  The children's fire safety was impeccable, as was their food hygiene and it was a real pleasure to sit and share time with them around the fire.  The children led some rather infectious songs and taught them to our youngest children.  It was a very pleasurable way to end after a good half terms work!
Building, Balloons and Bear Noises!
3rd February 2017
Today the children split into different teams to complete some rather interesting challenges.  Communicating only through animal noises, the children had to negotiate space and swap places with each other on the balance beams.
They then joined Mr Scott to design methods of moving a straw between across the field without touching it.  The came up with some ingenious solutions.
The children also added to their structures and you can see the work-in-progress as you come into school yard.
Orienteering and Decoding
20th January 2017
This week the children put their map reading skills to the test in an awesome orienteering activity.  The children worked in teams to cover the school grounds and find all of their colour coded clues.
We also headed back in time to Ancient Egypt.  We had to decode words written in hieroglyphics but we had to move and operate as a team.  This meant sharing responsibilities and excellent communication.
Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
6th January 2017
Today we completed a series of challenges that encouraged us to communicate as a group and work together.  We found then when we had everyone pulling in the same direction (figuratively and literally), we were able to get the job done!  Although it's fun to work together, we also completed against each other in a series of games.
Egg Hunt
7th April 2017
The hunt is on!  Today, Mrs Chopping and Mr Bath came to school and led a fantastic egg hunt for all of the children.  Searching high and low, the children explored the school grounds in search of the eggs that would help them crack the code.  Much hilarity ensued with the addition of a mystery egg - the location of which was a mystery to all but one.
The children had a terrific afternoon.  It was an excellent way to end a half term of hard work.
On behalf of the staff and children, we give many thanks to Mrs Chopping and Mr Bath!
Lashings of Fun
3rd March 2017
Today we were challenged to lash together a weaving frame from the sticks we had collected.  Some of the knot tying was pretty tricky so we found it best to work with a friend.  This was the start of a project that will be running for the next few weeks.  Keep a look out to see how these fantastic frames develop!
Whose is this trail and where does it go?
10th February 2017
This week the children were challenged with creating trail for others to follow.  To do so successfully, they had to use their limited resources as well as any natural materials they could find.  Their trails guided their peers past mud monsters, through mazes and under the poison apple tree.  It was a great exercise that we look to revisit and develop.
It's Great When We Communicate
27th January 2017
This week the children completed several challenges that required effective communication.  Children were lost in the willow maze, they helped each other to cross vast distances and were even building their own ti-pi structures together.  All of this was in spite of the bitterly cold weather, which the children overcame by being active throughout.
Two Ears,  One Mouth
13th January 2017
Today we braved the snow and took part in lots of challenges that asked us to use our communication and listening skills.  like ninjas, we crept around the crunchy snow, trying our hardest not to be detected.  We also followed each other's instructions as we adapted the rules to tag - the running kept us really warm!  Working together, we succeeded in replicating pictures using natural materials and we used our expert communication to travel in unison across the field.