Spring Term 2019

Hibernation, Migration, Conservation and Preservation

We're planning to introduce three big subject areas this term, so we'll be ticking lots of skills and adding them to our toolbox.

We aim to have an understanding of what hibernation and migration mean, why animals do this and thinking about their basic needs of food, shelter and safety.

Continuing into Spring 2, we will use our newly acquired knowledge to make comparisons; in the seasons, looking at new growth and life cycles of some of our wildlife friends.

One of our targets this year is to take a good look at our outdoor environment and see what improvements we would like, which will benefit us as independent outdoor learners but also how human intervention can have a positive impact of the flora and fauna.

There will be opportunities for the children as well as helpers to experience sensitive maintenance of key areas, as well as looking to the future benefits of new growth, making resources for learning, such as coppicing the willow and some hazel.

Saturday 29th March 2019

Pond Restoration work party

We have a new pond!!

After seven long hours, our team of volunteers managed to clear out our old pond. We lined it with sand the children had previously transported for us, and then added a new liner. This needed securing under geo-matting, before transporting two huge bags of gravel down to the pond.

We sadly had to remove two young trees to make the pathway wide enough to be accessible and safe, but these are now ready to edge the pathway and will be homes to wildlife very soon.

We removed grass and ground covering along the plant shelf and onto the edge of the woodland so we could extend the pathway completely around the pond. This then needed edging, before a huge tidy up.

Huge thank you to our group of volunteers, who once again gave their time and energy to support our school and also to our children who played together nicely all day, so we could complete the job, plus helping us transport some of the gravel.

We couldn’t have restored the pond without the amazingly kind donation of 4 bags of gravel, timber, matting and nails from our local branch of Jewsons. You are stars!

Friday 22nd March 2019
Thankful for the Trees
Over the past 3 weeks, children in Adventurers have been showing their thankfulness for the trees.  Beginning with the story 'The Giving Tree', children began thinking about the great things that trees provide for us.  We talked about fun ways we could use these natural resources whilst showing consideration for the environment.
The children have been really excited about making challenging obstacle courses for each other.  In doing so, they have been working on their communication team work skills.  They have also taken the role of 'owl' where they hover over the top and observe.  The owls have reported back with great ideas on safety and the teams have made relevant changes to their designs.
Friday 8th February 2019
Squirrel Stash
This week’s challenge was to make a trail for our friends to follow to find squirrel’s stash.

Our Year 5 Pioneers and Voyagers used sticks to make arrows, they planned a start and finish point laying directional arrows in between.

Our Adventurers were guided to the start and had to follow the trails in teams of five.

Our year 3, 4, 5 children then evaluated how well they had worked in their teams.

We also played Silent tag, where we had to move quietly so as not to be caught. And do not disturb, where the children had to collect the berries without waking hibernating hedgehog.

Friday 18th January 2019
Tracks in the Snow
Today we had a fantastic opportunity to look for signs of wildlife in the snow.

After wrapping up warm we used our map making knowledge to record using key words and letters.

Walking around the school grounds we found footprints in the snow, signs of rabbits, maybe a fox and even what looked like deer prints, but we couldn't tell for sure.
There was lots of rabbit pee and poo as it was easy to spot the yellow snow.

We found an old nest in the Hazel trees and some bones under the trees which told us birds and carnivores live in our woodland.

We began to think what animals may live where and the types of habitat they live in.

We ended the session with a big run around in the snow and a game of track my family, where we had to match our track print with others who had the same.

Friday 5th April 2019
Learning is fun in the sun!

We celebrated the end of term with a hunt for riddles to find the secret word. The children were given a map of the grounds and simple ABC, 123 co-ordinates, working in pairs and running off lots of energy, each group found and solved all eight riddles using their orienteering skills.

We were all rewarded with a small Easter treat.


The children in Early Years, held their hunt, after receiving a letter from Elmer the elephant.

They looked for coloured eggs in the sensory garden, then coloured in their white Elmer’s matching the colours they had found.

Elmer then left a clue to where he had hidden their surprise to thank them for finding and returning his colours.

What a great day of fun learning in the sun.


Happy holidays!!           

Friday 29th March 2019
Pond Restoration
Following recent rainfall, our first attempt to clear out the pond had refilled, so we had to start again, luckily the rain had made the mud easier to scoop, but still as smelly.

We kept going for an hour before grouping together to discuss the current state of the pond and how we are going to create a safe, healthy pond that is welcoming to pupils and wildlife.

Our work today was a big help getting started on emptying the pond for the work party planned for tomorrow.

Great collaboration and co-operation Year 6’s, you are proving you can be great young leaders.


Friday 15th March 2019

Pond restoration project – 2019

Today we began the mammoth task of restoring our pond.  Firstly our year sixes, carefully helped remove this year’s frog spawn, we placed it in some fresh water in the shade to help it survive.  We then scooped out the really smelly water and disposed of it into the woodland.  With help from Mrs Chopping, we began to think of the important things that our pond needs so that wildlife can continue to thrive in it.  We rescued several pond plants, flag irises and marsh marigolds to re-plant once we have replaced the liner.

The children from years 3, 4, 5 and 6 worked tirelessly throughout the morning transporting the sand, which was kindly donated by Mr J. Chapple.  There was evidence of leadership, team communication and problem solving.  What an amazing morning, thank you everyone.

Friday 25th January 2019
Winter Birds and Very Long Words

Today was all about thinking how we could help birds to keep warm and well fed in the cold winter months.

We shared our knowledge of the meanings of specific words; which we use when talking about wildlife and how their lifestyles change in the winter months.

We then made fat and seed balls to hang from the trees to give the birds extra fat and protein to give them energy and keep them warm.

It was super sticky and very smelly, but lots of fun to make.

We hope the birds enjoy their winter treats.

Friday 11th January 2019
Skills, safety and caring

We put our thinking caps on to go outside today as we had to share ideas on how activities planned for this term would develop our thinking and doing skills. 

We reminded each other how to work safely and also how be caring and thoughtful with our friends and our wildlife and environment.

This linked in with introducing our sleeping friends who are hidden away for the Winter, and how we need to be careful and considerate when moving about and clearing up; as well as remembering to share and re-use resources as they are limited and very important to our wildlife neighbours.

We finished the day with a game of corners, using migration, hibernation, rest and active.