Summer 1 - Changes


We are learning all about dissolving as an example of reversible change!
This is our Steps to Success, see how we will progress through this topic:
We are investigating the question: is dissolving a reversible change? We have dissolved some small crystals (aluminium potassium sulphate) and we want them back!! We have hypothesised that if dissolving can be reversed, we might be able to grow some beautiful crystals...check back later on in the topic to see how it went! Here are some pictures of how we have set up our investigation:
Two days later and our crystals are forming:
After four days:
We have begun our Gymnastics learning in style, by taking it outside! The Pioneers have been practicing jumps and rolls, and of course enjoying the sunshine!
Gymnastics - Vaulting
We continued our gymnastics topic by doing some vaulting this week. Our aim was to d a tuck through vault, and we very much enjoyed using the springboard! 
We have been taking part in weekly yoga sessions since September. Look at the amazing positions we can do now!
In music this half term, we have been looking at the group 'Stomp' as our inspiration. We have been composing our own Stomp style rhythms and pulses, and made good use of our outdoor area to make different sounds and effects. 
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Felton Mile
Look how much our time for the weekly Felton mile have improved over these last few weeks!
We have studied using commas to demarcate clauses. Y5 revised fronted adverbials of time, place and manner. Y6 practised using parenthesis to place subordinate clauses at the start, middle and ends of sentences:
Emotion in sculpture. We responded to some existing sculptures, thinking carefully about the emotion the artist might be representing, and the emotional response we personally may have. These reflections will help us to represent our own emotions using sculpture.
Inspired by artist Mitsy's work called the 'ArtMind' project, we created our own versions of emotion figures. We took the basic human form, inspired by a Russian doll, and then sculpted using texture, patterns and shapes to create representations of our feelings about the concept of 'Change':

Before we can try sculpting the human form, we need to understand the proportions of the human body. We were asked to sketch our initial sketches of a person. Then we used our paper mannequins to observe and draw truer proportions. After this, we thought about the emotions of ‘Change’ and drew some poses that represent these emotions:


Here are our first attempts at using clay to sculpt human figures. We worked hard to maintain the proportions we followed when drawing human figures last week:
Young Leaders Award
This week, we have focussed  on the idea of 'global community' and we played a 'paper bag' game which gave us an insight into how it might feel to be a child in India. The game was fun, but it would not be fun if it was what we had to do all day, every day. It gave us good perspective and a sense of justice - despite working really hard, some of us still didn't earn enough for all the things we would need to survive:
English - story writing
We are going to be writing some 'choose your own ending' stories, all about transition and changes. Here  are the 'Steps to Success' we will be following:
Kielder Water
We had a wonderful, sunny day at Kielder Water yesterday! Well done to all the Pioneers - they walked a long way and enjoyed taking in the beautiful scenery.