Summer Term 2018

Ogres and Bees
18th May 2018

Today, we put our lashing skills to great use as we constructed some noughts and crosses boards using natural materials. Using 4 sticks and 4 knots, we made our frames and then hand decorated some stones to use as our counters - there were ogres, bees and dogs.  At the end of the session, some children decided to hide their games around the school grounds for others to find and play.

Creating Wildlife Habitats

20th April 2018

This week we began thinking about the wildlife habitats of creatures that may live in our school’s outdoor environment.

Our focus was sourcing suitable natural resources that we could use to create nests for birds.

We independently chose various techniques to make our nests; some wove spider web and hoop shapes, some used mud as a base or as an adhesive and others extended their designs with flowers and moss and began to think of how to protect their nests from predators.

Working in unity

27th April 2018

Today we began to prepare our Birch Wood to make our Unity Circle; we used our bodies to mark the area where the seats and stakes would be placed.

Then after thinking about what resources and skills we would need, we thought about the risks we may encounter and how we would keep ourselves safe.

Working together as a class we played group games to develop our team, communication and endurance skills.