Summer Term 2019

Friday 7th June 2019
If I had a Hammer...
Today, the children in Adventurers were developing their skills using woodworking tools.  Inspired by some nail art, we are looking to create some of our own.  We used claw hammers to knock some nails into the MDF board.  Our partners supported us by holding the nails in place, showing A LOT of trust!!  We started to produce patterns and shapes using our pencil guides, which we will develop into artwork over the coming weeks.
We also looked at how to use saws safely as we prepared the wood for our artwork.

Friday 17th May 2019

How our new pond has supported class curriculum topics.

Over the past week the children in Explorers have had the opportunity to experience a real pond as part of their life cycle mini adventure.

We have considered safety and recorded what we see. With real tadpoles on loan from another pond, the children have had the opportunity to see real animals and began to make connections to their natural habitat.

The children asked and answered some amazing questions as part of our pond experience, showing inquisitive minds and a willingness to learn outside of the classroom.

They made links with what they had learnt in class and shared experiences from home.

Friday 3rd May 2019
"But first, you must put on the spectacles!"
In our reading of The Wizard of Oz, we came across the green spectacles which made everything look green.  Inspired by this, we used watercolours to create exclusively green paintings.  We have green lions, green dragons  We also collected and sorted natural green materials based on their tonal value. Also, we ourselves got green thumbs by digging over the Keyhole Garden and harvesting some leeks and rhubarb.
26th April 2019
Riddle me this, riddle me that
The children in Adventurers have been thinking about the wonders of nature.  We are very fortunate to have school grounds that contains so much wildlife.  Taking inspiration from what they saw, the children wrote a series of riddles using descriptive language to describe what they saw.
Can you solve some of our riddles?
My white petals reach out.
My yellow middle is like the sun.
I am all around you.
What am I?
I am empty.
When you fill me I bring life.
What am I?

Friday 17th May 2019

Responsible for change

The final part of this stage of pond development, sees our key stage 2 children re-planting the pond plants into new baskets.

We needed to transport a lot of water to ensure the baskets stay wet on the pond shelf.

The Reception children joined us to share the work load and as an opportunity to see how we learn in Forest Based Learning before joining our sessions in September.

All the children showed care and consideration when paired with our younger learners and in turn our Explorers followed the instructions of their year 6 buddy.

The year 6 pupils will be responsible for monitoring the water level over the summer until Mother Nature can maintain it with more rain.

Keep watching for future sessions using our pond area.

A huge thanks to all our pupils for their contributions, however small when taking part in our pond restoration project.

Friday 10th May 2019

Observing change

We have taken advantage of the lovely spring weather to spend time recalling, observing and predicting how the weather, flora and fauna change over the four seasons.

Whilst developing our pond area by planting flowers under the trees to encourage more insects; we have spent time making observational notes and drawings of what we currently see in and around the pond.

The pond level has filled an amazing 30cms in six weeks since we restored the liner, but it needs a little help each time we use it.

Friday 3rd May 2019

Team is the dream

Over the past two weeks we have been improving our environment, by clearing the felled willow and using it to continue to increase the height of our Unity Circle.

We also used our manual handling skills and safe practices to carry delivered pallets from the gate to the Early Years outdoor area. We look forward to seeing new developments there soon.

We’ve been checking in on our pond and pond plants, which are beginning to flower and look forward to planting them in new baskets next week as well as topping up the pond.

Whilst out and about, the children have been using recording skills to refer, recall, observe and predict changes in the weather, flora and fauna within Felton, some great facts were shared and are there to see in our individual learning journals.