Tell Me a Dragon - Spring 2021


As a mini Mini Adventure, we will be finding out the true cause of the Great Fire of London as Mr Pearson just so happens to have found some lost pages from Samuel Pepys' diary.  It turns out it all REALLY began when an irate dragon breathed fire on a wattle and daub house.
Driftwood Dragons
As budding dragonologists, we made a startling discovery - the bones of a real dragon!  The only problem was, we weren't quite sure how to piece it all back together again.  We did some research and found pictures of dragon skeletons and got to work rebuilding it.  It took lots of negotiation, checking and repositioning but we think we cracked it!
Snapping Dragons
We looked at ways we could make a snapping dragon using levers and linkages.  We began by making mini prototypes that allowed us to practise accurate cutting and punching holes for split pins.  Our prototypes also taught us that paper was not strong enough for our project.  We upgraded to card and got to work making our mechanism using 3 pieces of card and 4 split pins.  We then attached our mechanism to our dragon head.
Easter Challenges
Before we closed the doors for Easter, we put on our wellies and took to the field.  We gathered around the fire and made some tasty smores before completing a trail around the school grounds.  We had 7 big eggs to find, each one had a tricky question about the Great Fire of London.  After successfully completing that, we had one final challenge.  Each team was given an egg, some paper, straws, masking tape and 20 minutes to come up with a way to protect their egg before Mr P launched it from the ladder.  Can you believe that our eggs-pert engineers we so talented that we did not have a single breakage?!
We read a gorgeous book by Jackie Morris called 'Tell Me a Dragon'.  It inspired us to write short, descriptive paragraphs about the types of dragons that live in our imaginations.
Sowing Seeds
As part of our science work, we have been learning about the conditions required for plants to grow.  We also found out about the different parts of the plant and their functions.  Hoping to entice the Easter Bunny to come our way, we planted some carrot seeds.  We also planted some other veg too and hope to have a fine crop ready later in the year.
Easter Crafts
We hope our parents and carers enjoy opening their easter cards and baskets.  The children used pastels of all the colours of the rainbow to make their Easter Cross cards.  This was a reminder to us that Christians believe that Jesus is for everyone.  Mrs Hunter also asked us a perplexing question:  How can you turn a plate into a bowl?  The answer?  Whip out the wool and start weaving!