The Big, Bad Wolf, Autumn 2020


In Adventurers, we are delving into the deep, dark wood in search of the big, bad wolf.  As we go, we will be thinking about how wolves are often portrayed as villains and the techniques authors use to make us root against them.  In our non-fiction work, we will research and produce posters and reports about wolves.
Please find our curriculum information below:
Painting Silhouettes
Our research told us that wolves are nocturnal and are often active at night time.  We  found out that they do not really howl at the moon but instead use their howls to communicate.  Each wolf has its own, unique howl.  We looked at pictures of sunsets and replicated these by creating different tones of paint.  Some of us even tried blending more than one hue together too.  Cutting out silhouettes of wolves was a little bit tricky but we kept concentrating and tried hard to present a neat finish.
God and Creation
In our RE work, we have been finding out what Christians believe about God.  We know that Christians believe that God created the world and everything in it and that He wants people to look after the world and each other.  We found this in the stories that Jesus told.
We have also looked at the Hindue story of Creation and found some similarities and differences.  In our comparisons, we talked about the importance of respecting someone's beliefs, even if they are different to the ones you hold.
Classifying Animals
We found out about the 5 sets of vertebrate animals - reptiles, fish, amphibians, mammals and birds.
We know that wolves are mammals because they have fur and they give birth to live young.  By looking at and comparing animals skulls, we found that wolves must be carnivores.  They had lots of sharp and pointy teeth that are good for ripping and tearing meat.
In Adventurers, lots of us are losing our milk teeth.  We read this book and wondered what it would be like if we grew animal teeth instead of human teeth.
Computing Skills
We can now log on to School360 and access different software such as j2e.  We used the 'Mix' pages to create our own books about the different types of vertebrates.  On each page we added text and images.  We also learnt how to save our work and how to open it again if we wanted to add or make changes.
Peter and the Wolf
We have been studying the music from Peter and the Wolf.  As part of our work, we have been appraising different genres of music and listening to the sounds created by different musical instruments.  We thought about how we could add new animals to the story and which instruments would be the best to represent them.  Our study has shown us that instruments can be played in lots of different ways and these ways are chosen to create a feeling or effect.  We experimented with making instruments of our own too.