The Magic Faraway Tree - Spring 2022


Welcome to The Adventurers!  For this Mini-Adventure, we are joining Joe, Beth, Frannie and Rick on their way to the Magic Faraway Tree.  We will find out about the incredible characters that live there and the many amazing lands they discover.  As budding botanists, we will be learning all about plant parts and their functions as well as the best conditions for growing healthy plants.  We intend to do a lot of gardening and growing in our outdoor area so keep an eye out as you walk into school to see what we've been up to!
We are geographers
We have been learning how to make maps and use grid references.  Using our DT joining skills, we have even started to create 3D maps of the Enchanted Wood from the Magic Farway Tree. 
We are gardeners
We have been putting down our pencils and taking up our trowels as we tend to our garden area.  We are working really hard to weed the different areas so that the bulbs we planted have the room to grow.  The garden is a s bit squelchy but it is fun!
We are botanists
We have been learning the functions of the different plat parts and creating labelled diagrams.  We also looked carefully at some different seed varieties before planting them in our pots.  Already we have spitted signs of germination as the first shoots have popped out!
We are inspired
We have taken inspiration from a beautiful book by Britta Teckentrup called 'Tree'.  By carefully selecting colours, the children created seasonal backdrops for their collage owls.  They even thought about the colour and amount of leaves that would be on the tree during the different seasons.
We are super-sketchers
We are learning to look closely at the objects we are are drawing.  We are looking for the different shapes we can see and are sketching lines to represent them.
We are animators
We have been using j2e to create animations that show how a seed germinates.  By changing each our drawings in the animation frames just a touch, we can create the impression that the picture is moving!