Up, Up and Away - Autumn 2021


This half term, we will be finding out all about the life of Amelia Earhart and considering why she is such a significant person in history.  As we find out about her life, we will learn to use timelines and build a sense of chronology.  As geographers, we will use maps to explore the routes she travelled and name the oceans she crossed.  In our science work, we will investigate the art of paper planes and testing a series of hypotheses and materials in our bid to build the greatest aeroplane.
Looking after our world
As part of our work in Religious Education, we have been thinking about our responsibilities in looking after the world.  To help the wildlife that inhabit our pond, we had to give it a clean.  We worked together using our nets and buckets to remove excess pondweed.  We found lots of cool creatures while we worked.  As the Year 2 children went first, they became the experts, teaming up with Y1 children and showing them what to do.
Zen Zone
The children enjoy taking some quiet time to work on mindfulness activities in our Zen Zone.  Using the resources, they have been making little sculptures and artwork.  They are also keen to use the camera to capture their creations.  
Ocean Animals
As Amelia Earhart flew over the Atlantic Ocean, we wondered what creatures swam below her on her journey.  We did some research into the sizes of different Atlantic Ocean creatures and used metre sticks and chalks to draw them on the yard.  We found that a humpback whale would nearly stretch from one side of our yard to the other!