Whatever the Weather - Spring 2022


Welcome back and Happy New Year!  We hope you have had a truly magical and memorable festive season and wish you the very best for  2022.

Our new Mini Adventure, ‘Whatever the Weather’, is up and running and will focus on weather and climates across the globe.  We will be producing our own weather reports and will perform and capture these using our new recording and editing skills. Stay tuned for breaking weather reports!  We will be learning and writing some weather based poems, finding out about the emergency services and reading texts about some rather unusual weather.

We are Poets
We have been exploring rhyming and non-rhyming poetry.  We can identify rhyming words and also the number of syllables in a word or sentence.  Inspired by the work of Roger McGough, we wrote our own rhyming stanzas to capture the sounds we would hear in a storm.  We also used word banks to create our own wintry haikus.
We are Weather Watchers
Having watched the weather report the day before, the Adventurers knew to keep their eyes on the skies for a flurry of snow.  We were expecting it at 11:00am and right on cue, down fell the first flakes.  We talked about some of the incredible instruments that meteorologists use to make such accurate predictions.
We are dancers
As part of our music lessons, we have been learning to appreciate different genres of music.  This has included Classical, Blues, Latin, Bhangra and now Folk.  When the music starts to play, we can't help but move our feet!  We watched some videos of some traditional Irish dancing which inspired this video of marvellous moves.
We are Composers
In our music sessions, we are looking at how one song can be performed in many different styles, from rap to baroque.  Each week, we appreicate a piece of music from a different genre too.  We have been learning how to sing and clap along with a song and have started writing our own clapping compositions to perform during intrumental sections.
We are Whittlers
Over the last few weeks, we have been practising our whittling technique.  This week, we put our skills to use around the fire.  We whittled some willow until we got a pointy end and then popped a marshmallow on. Next, we will look to use our whittling skills to make some magical wands.
We are Presenters
We have started working on our computing project which sees us getting infront of AND behind the camera as we present the weather.  We have been watching forecast clips and taking notes to help give our versions some structure.  We set up the tripod and worked on framing our shot.
We are Gymnasts
We have started working on our balances, transitions and travelling skills on low level apparatus.  Soon, we elevate our work onto higher structures.
We are designers
We have started a sewing project that will encourage us to learn and use a whipstitch to make a little pouch.  What is more, we will use our running stitch to sew a noughts and crosses board onto our pouches and make a handy, travel-sized game.
We are editors
We used the editing software on the laptop to add greenscreen effects to our videos.  Look at how excited we were when we pressed play!