Abel's Island - Autumn 2017

Welcome to the 2017-18 academic year, Mrs Robshaw and I hope you have had a fantastic holiday. We look forward to greeting our returning Adventurers and would like to say a huge ‘How do you do’ to those who are joining us.

This year we are going to begin with the story ‘Abel’s Island’. It is the tale of a rather unwilling adventurer who finds himself alone and washed up on a remote island. Abel must learn to survive and develop a means to escape the island in order to return home to his loved ones. This William Steig classic will inspire the children to think creatively about construction but also will ask them to reflect upon what they value the most. Following this, we will research the life of a more willing explorer in the form of Captain Cook.

He's Got the whole world in His hands!
8th September 2017
Today we started to share our understanding of religious education and discussed some Christian beliefs.  Having read the creation story and watched videos showing beauty around the world, we began thinking about how we could look after Earth, this great gift from God.
Forces in Motion
20th September 2017
What a busy afternoon!  We investigated forces in a number of different ways.  We used computers to simulate the effect of applying forces of different strengths.  In our art work, we suspended a leaky paint-filled cup over some paper and explored what happened when we pushed and pulled.  We also applied what we knew about forces to create some flag poles, complete with working pulley systems!