Wind in the Willows - Summer 2017

Welcome back!  We hope you have had a lovely holiday and are well rested – this is going to be a very busy half term.  During this Mini Adventure we are going to be focusing on the contrasting characters from Kenneth Grahame’s classic novel 'Wind in the Willows'.  From the peace of the river bank to the maniacal misadventures of Toad, it is a story the children are sure to fall in love with.   This will lead us to investigating local wildlife and the river.
The Riverbank
As we have read Kenneth Grahame's tale, we noticed his use of fronted adverbials in his sentences.  Not to be outdone, we packed up our pencils and headed to the Coquet for some inspiration.  After a lovely morning immersing ourselves in the sights and sounds of the river, we crafted some truly magical sentences to set the scene.  Below are some extracts that we've written and some that are extracts from the book.  Can you tell which is which?*
Hypnotically, stars glistened in the moonlit sky.
In the ripples of the water, branches of the weeping trees made trails while the lily pads floated around in circles.
Speedily, the boat cut through the water like a beautiful swan.
Against the banks of the river, the stone bridge arched across.
*These are all examples taken from the children's work!
The Wild Wood
If you thought our writing about the riverbank was good, just wait until you read some extracts from our work on the Wild Wood.  The children were asked to select their most powerful sentence and add it to this collaborative document:
Rugby Coaching
During this half term, we are very lucky to be receiving Rugby coaching.  Not only are we developing the skills we need to play the game, we are learning so much about teamwork and respect through the fun and competitive games.
Keyhole Garden
The children are currently working very hard in the Keyhole Garden.  With the support of Mrs Robshaw and Mrs Inglis-Jones, it looks absolutely terrific and we look forward to cooking around the fire with the ingredients we have grown.