Autumn 2017

1st December 2017

Working in their groups from last week, the children produced and performed sequences on a range of apparatus. The children were also encouraged to complete some peer assessment, offering their thoughts on the strengths of others.

Larger Apparatus

22nd November 2017

Today we focused on transferring skills onto larger apparatus, including the famed ‘Big Blue’. We developed sequences that included transferring our weight from one body part to another and then we performed them at varying levels on different pieces of apparatus. Next week, we look to create sequences with more parts and will try to incorporate a roll.

Bridges - The Human Sort!
9th November 2017
Today in our PE session, we were developing our bridges.  We experimented with varying levels, widths and partners.  We used different body parts to balance our bridges and then incorporated our ideas into group work.
29th November 2017

Today, we concentrated on linking our skills to perform a sequence as part of a group. As we performed our sequences, we gave focus to our balances to ensure our actions were controlled and had smooth transitions.

Twist and Flight
23rd November 2017

Today, we developed our jumps by adding different rotations, symmetrical and asymmetrical movements. We also included the use of air and spins by including cartwheels and handstands. In our sequencing work, we were challenged to include balances, rolls, travelling, bridges AND jumps!

15th November 2017
Today we focused on travelling in different ways using various parts of our bodies. We knew that a pathway was a route around the room and so we created routes that included zigzags, spirals and turns. In our group work, we created sequences that involved starting positions, travelling, rolling and a jump.