Exploding Earth - Summer 2018

Join Pioneers on their volcanic adventure as they journey through the Earth to learn all about how volcanoes form, where they are found and why they erupt! They will encounter some of the biggest eruptions throughout history and will explore ways to express the power and force of a volcanic eruption.

Chocolate volcanoes

Our budding volcanologists in Pioneers have learnt about the formation of volcanoes using chocolate! We watched as the ‘lava’ oozed down the volcanoes with each eruption, forming a new layer each time. Ask us about how our chocolate volcanoes help us to understand how real volcanoes are made…

Prayer Spaces

On Friday 11th May, we went up to the church for a prayer spaces afternoon. We loved having some time to reflect and connect with ourselves and our thoughts. The prayer spaces helped us to think deeply about the Lord’s Prayer, take a look at the pictures for our responses. Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 would like to say a really big thank you to everyone at the church who helped organise and run our lovely afternoon.

Roots and Shoots and the Keyhole Garden

As part of Year 5’s Roots and Shoots project, we were visited by two gardeners from Alnwick Gardens in school on Thursday. Our visitors brought along the plants Year 5 grew from seed during their first Roots and Shoots visit. Come and see the spinach, chard, lettuce, green beans and leeks now growing in the Keyhole Garden!