Autumn Term 2019

Forest Based Learning Awards
This year, we are introducing our Forest Based Learning Awards.  We have 7 overarching areas for developing personal qualities and life skills that all of our children will work towards.  These are:
  • Love, Learn, Live
  • Keeping Safe
  • Communicate, Present & Record
  • Achieve
  • Create & Innovate
  • Reflect & Evaluate
  • Collaborate, Inspire & Lead
In each of these areas, the children will work towards their Pebble, Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards.
  • Explorers are working towards their Pebble Award.
  • Adventurers are working towards their Bronze Award.
  • Voyagers are working towards their Silver Award.
  • Pioneers are working towards their Gold Award.
At the start of each half term, our FBL pages will show which areas we are focusing on and show how we are working towards them.
Bronze Award
This half term, we have been working on Keep Safe.  By making maps of the school grounds, we got used to our surroundings and spotted any dangers that had arisen over summer holiday.  Knowing where our boundaries were and remembering our safety procedures, we were able to explore the grounds playing lots of fun games including Sardines and the Paint Run. 
We have also been building fires.  Using our knowledge of the fire triangle, we prepared our work stations and used flint and steel to start fires safely.
To help us Achieve so well, we ensured that we were prepared for each session by planning for the equipment we would need.  We also had to listen to and follow safety instructions and, as a result, we have lit fires and explored freely without disaster!
As a little treat for their amazing work in Keeping Safe, the children put their fire safety skills into action as we toasted marshmallows on the fire.  Delicious!

Silver Award 

This term, our Voyagers have begun their journey towards their Silver Award. Our focus has been Keep Safe.

We began our year looking at how to keep ourselves and our friends safe. We have looked for real or potential dangers present in our wild woodland, whilst developing ways to record and share data. Working in small teams we have considered how to work safely when designing bridges and erecting tarpaulin shelters. We have modelled agreed safe practices such as manual handling using our two-man lift when equipment is taller or wider than you and our respect position when needing to keep balanced in the pond area and around the fire pit.

Gold Award

This term, our Pioneers have begun their journey towards their Gold Award. Their focus has also been Keep Safe.

Our Pioneers have been working closely with our Voyagers, sharing their knowledge and supporting each other when recording information and demonstrating early leadership skills when bringing teams together and looking out for our year 3’s who joined us in September.

Using our knowledge:

We have been using our specialist vocabulary ‘all about health and safety’.

We ended our first half term, by creating “how to keep safe” posters using our knowledge and design ideas to inform others.

We then held a community experience around the fire pit, sharing hot chocolate, marshmallows and a good old-fashioned sing-a-long.


Looking forward:

After the half term holidays, our Pioneers and Voyagers will continue to use their knowledge and specialist vocabulary to inform their planning and how they will work safely.

They shall be learning how to site and prepare an open fire as well as knot tying skills to use in team challenges.

Have a fabulous, safe and adventurous time on your holidays.

The FBL team.