Incredible Inventions - Autumn 2019

Welcome back and a big ‘how do you do?’ to our new Adventurers.  Mrs Robshaw, Mrs White and I are really excited to get started with a year of exciting Mini Adventures and will begin with ‘Incredible Inventions’.  This Mini Adventure will see us develop our chronological understanding by taking a whistle-stop tour through time as we find out about the greatest inventions of the Stone Age, Roman Empire and both Tudor and Victorian Britain.  We will also be looking to technology of the future by designing and coding robots of our very own 

Creating Castles
As part of a homework challenge, the children made some fantastic models of castles.  They have talked about the features of the castle and how they would be used to keep people safe.  Putting this to the test, they made lollipop stick catapults and laid siege to each other.  They have been labelling their castles and writing explanations about the best safety feature.
Some pupils are revising their Letters and Sounds Phase 3 phonemes whilst looking at new ways to record them using Phase 5 graphemes.  Others are exploring suffixes, learning their rules and thinking about how they change the meaning of the root word.
 We are exploring pitch by singing songs that make our voices go high and low.  We are also listening to music and finding the pulse, moving our bodies in time with the music.  Friday morning has started to get a little bit louder as we have begun our Glock 'n Roll sessions.  The children explore pitch by playing the glockenspiels and have started writing their own compositions for others to appraise and copy.
Art and Design
As part of our study of painting, we have looked at the work of Kandinsky.  Using only the primary colours, we have mixed paint to create our own interpretations, whilst also considering the tools we use.  We have continued to use our knowledge of colour mixing and the colour wheel a lot - just check out our amazing camouflage dragons! 
Religious Education
Our BIG question in RE this half term is 'What do Christian's believe about God?'.  To help us get an idea, we are thinking about the lyrics of our favourite Collective Worship songs and creating dances to the music.  We are watching Open the Book stories and thinking deeply about the messages Jesus wanted to share with Christians about God.
 We have been exploring place value, with children developing their sense of number with 30 and within 100.  We have been using > and < to compare and order numbers by identifying the 10s and 1s.  We have made different values using money and Base 10, to help with our addition and subtraction of 2 digit numbers.
After the summer break, we are getting green fingered and tending to our garden area.  We have pulled up the weeds and planted new flowers.  The children are patiently waiting for their sunflowers to drop their seeds so we can have a supply ready for next year.
Camouflage Dragons
 As part of our trip to Wallington, Hall, we started to think about how we could hide a dragon.  Dragons are pretty big and would most definitely need to be camouflaged.  As we walked in the woods, we thought about the colours the dragons would need to be to hide here.  When we returned to school, we looked at pictures of forests during different seasons and considered the colours that the dragon would need to be in order to be camouflaged.  Using only the primary colours and a little bit of white to create tones, we created our camouflage dragons.