Lego Club

Whales and Igloos! (Week 3 & 4)
Antarctic Explorers
New Term New Topic - Pole to Pole (week 1)
This term's topic is Pole to Pole and includes everything from the North Pole to the South Pole and this week's build was a Penguin!
Iseabail's penguin was voted the best!
Summer Fun 3&4 - Sand Sculptures and Blackpool Tower!
Summer 2 - SUMMER FUN
Week 1 is Everything Ice Cream
Summer Club  - Vehicles
Week 1 - Bicycles
Week 2 - Gondola
Week 3 - Supercars
Magical creatures of Fire and water:
A fire breathing dragon with  ball of fire at his feet
A 2 headed fire breathing dragon
And even a Fire breathing dragon in the sea!
This weeks Magical build, beautifully tying in with World Book Day, was...
Our Favourite Magical Book Character.
We had many Harry Potters and Dragons, we had Mildred Hubble and even a Lizard with a wand but our winners were Ron Weasley and A Dragon with a Wand!
New Half Term! We are on our new topic this half term which is MAGIC!
Week 1 - Jesters
Week 4 - BATS
Week 3 - Rainforest - Giant Insect
Our 2 winning quick builds for this week - A camouflaged leaf insect and a giant butterfly in the sun. 
Week 2 - Rainforest - Orangutan
This weeks winning entries for our Orangutan builds.
Week 1
Winning entrants for this week's Quick Build Challenge - Lizards.