Beliefs, Myths and Legends - Spring 2020

 Our time travelling adventures are set to continue as we head back through time to Ancient Egypt and Greece to find out some of the beliefs and mythology that shaped people’s  lives during this time. We will give consideration to historical sources and find out about the achievements of Howard Carter and the equipment he used to make discoveries. To understand more about modern archaeology, we will use our new class Twitter account to ask questions to archaeologists around the globe.
Week 3
This week, we have been thinking about fractions being equal parts of a whole.  We have been finding fractions of shapes and fractions of amounts when using money.  We have also read about the Egyptian god of the Nile and discovered how it was worshipped.  In our writing, we focused on the past tense and wrote with regular and irregular verbs.  For art and design, we used our mood boards to create, paint and evaluate some clay work.
Week 1
This week, we looked at the creation story told by the Egyptians and made comparisons to the Christian story.  We also introduced the story of Rhapdosis and her treasured ruby slippers.  In our comprehension work, we recognised the similarities between this story and Cinderella.  Using adjectives, we wrote short character descriptions and thought about what we treasure the most.  We were also introduced to a young artist from the 19th Century who would make a pretty impressive discovery...
Week 2
Having self-marked our Rhapdosis story writing from last week, we set ourselves some literacy targets.  This included using interesting openers and amazing adjectives.  We also looked to improve on our vocabulary by learning some key historical vocabulary like sarcophagus and mummification.  The young artists from last week grew up to be Howard Carter, a British archaeologist who discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen.  It was important to get news back to Lord Carnarvon right away, so we assisted by writing a telegram on Carter's behalf.