Colours! - Spring 2019

This half term our Mini Adventure is all about ‘Colours’.   We will be exploring the colours in our World and we will be inspiring the children in the beginning with the Elmer stories.  We have lots of exciting colour exploration activities planned which focus on the areas of Expressive Arts and Design and Understanding the World as well as linking into all of the other areas of learning too.  
In Communication, Language and Literacy we are focusing on communicating to others in small groups then to larger audiences. We will also be encouraging the children to use their descriptive skills to describe a variety of objects using amazing adjectives and this is something you can do at home too.  As you will see from the Maths Time to Shine we are focusing on Capacity and Measure, this is also an area that you can help and support your child with at home when cooking, baking, talking about the size of objects and what they might measure/hold.