Jack and The Beanstalk - Summer 1 2021

Welcome to the Summer Term
Our Mini Adventure this half term is Jack and the Beanstalk, we will use this story as an introduction. As part of this Mini Adventure we will be looking at Growing and Castles. 
Please click on the links below to see this half terms planning.
Enjoying the sunshine whilst playing with friends on the first day back or for our new starters their first day in school.  Welcome to our New Nursery Children.
In response to a child's question we explored natural and man-made materials one afternoon.  The children discussed what objects were made of and whether they were natural or man-made.  They went on an object hunt and sorted the materials according to the criteria.  
Reinforcing one more and one less outdoors with shells and stones.
The Reception children have been working hard - writing the High Frequency Words, reinforcing the Phase 3 sounds and introducing new sounds. They have also been using their counting skills to add groups of objects together.
The Nursery children have been spending lots of time outdoors developing their gross motor skills, pedalling, propelling themselves using their feet, balancing and also their throwing and catching skills. They are also learning to share, take turns and negotiate with each other.