Hedgehogs and Christmas - Autumn 2 2020

Welcome to the second half of the Autumn term.  This half term we will be finding out all about Hedgehogs, 3D shapes and of course Christmas where we be exploring The Christmas Story.  Please click on the links below to see the planning for this half term. 
Learning all about Hedgehogs
We have been finding out all about Hedgehogs, we created our very own Hedgehog using a variety of mediums and materials, drawing hedgehogs outside and learning lots of hedgehog facts.
Helping look after each other in the new Doctors role play area
Reception Leaf Crowns
More aspiring Doctors!
Exploring Remembrance Day - Creating Poppy pictures 
We used a Power Point and watched a special video to find out why we have Remembrance Day.
RE - Noah's Ark - retelling the story using objects to represent the story
Exploring the themes of Love, Hope and Promises
Bits and Bobs 
Reception - Painting to Music 'The Miniature Overture from The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky'
We listened to the music and painted in response to how the music made us think and feel.  We also talked to a partner about what the music made us think and feel.
Chocolate Playdough - No one ate it even though it smelled delicious!
Building and Creating using the Natural Building Materials
Reception Exploring Doubling using Numicon and Ladybirds
The Doctors Surgery - still popular, this week we had a baby clinic!
Reception Word Writing
Christmas Arts and Crafts
Christmas Jumper Day
The children created Christmas Jumpers and represented and retold the Christmas Story
Christmas Lunch
Data Handling
We explored making a pictogram using a tub of Heroes.  The children had to place their sweets to create a pictogram then we counted up how many of each.  We also compared the data to find out which had the same amounts, the most and the least. The best bit was choosing one to eat at the end!
Reception Counting Autumn objects to 10 in random groups
Firework Dance
Firework Pictures
Exploring, finding and building with 3D shapes
Nursery creating their names with beads
Children in Need 
Andy Goldsworthy Inspired Art
We collected leaves outside and then tried to create our artwork outside, it was too windy so we had to create them inside.  
Nursery Exploring 3D Shape 
Developing Number Recognition and 1-1 Correspondence whilst developing our Pincer Grasp
Our Rhyme this week was 10 Green Bottles - We used a variety of mediums and materials to create our own resources.
Nursery - Fine Motor Mark Making
Reception Exploring  and Finding 3D Shapes - We talked about the properties of the shapes.