Home Learning Summer 2020 (2)

Welcome back to the second half of the summer term, and a whole new topic, based on the Olympic Games, which were due to be held in Tokyo 2020, but there is so much to learn on this topic, we are going for it! 
We have started off the term looking at how we can use spreadsheets to help us with mathematical processes, and have been working hard creating graphs and charts using data from the Rio 2016 Olympics. Have a look at the photos for some examples of what we have been up to!
Our new mini adventure this half term is 'Faster, Higher, Stronger' and is based on the Olympic games, concentrating on health and fitness as well as some history of the modern Olympic Games. 
Click on the documents below to see the mini adventure planning and the knowledge organiser for this topic. 
Obviously, we know that the Olympic Games have been postponed! We are hoping that the Pioneers class will be able to come back to this topic next year, with a more geographical focus and look in more depth at other aspects that we won't be able to cover this time. 
We have begun the week by looking at a biographical text about Shaun White, and American Winter Olympian. We have been finding out all about him and answering questions on what we have read. 
Get into the spirit of the Olympics by watching this video!
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The Olympics topic started off with us looking at the sports which will be new to the Olympics in Tokyo, and thinking about what makes a 'good' Olympic sport. Some of our ideas were: competitive, fair, easy to judge objectively, exciting to watch and fun! We think it's really important that people who are watching the Olympics are inspired to try some sport! 
If you are feeling inspired to try something new, check out this website for more info!