Only one you! Autumn 2020

 Our year starts with a focus on helping the children to settle into the setting after a very unusual year.  In the first few weeks we will be using the SMILE recovery curriculum as a starting point and our Mini Adventure is ‘Only One You - Smile and be Happy’. We are using some lovely Key Texts and have lots of activities planned for the children that we know they will love and enjoy.  Please see the Mini Adventure Context Plan and Time to Shine's for more information.
Here are some photos of of first few weeks in school.
Developing our Gross Motor Skills on the Adventure Playground
Indoor Activities - exploring activities within the classroom zones.
Exploring Autumn - We went for a walk to look for signs of Autumn and to make a collection of Autumnal objects.  We collected lots of leaves and some blackberries.  We walked and jumped in the leaves to find out what sounds they make.  We created leaf rubbings and prints.
Nursery Name Formation Practice
Independent Learning, Numbers, Puzzles and Games
Independent Learning
Five Little Ducks
Role Play 
The Creation Story - The Garden of Eden
The children chose what to use and where to place it to create 'Their Eden Garden' to help depict the story of Adam and Eve and how they disobeyed the word of God and listened to the serpent who told them to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. 
Exploring Apples - We collected apples from the trees in the school grounds, we then counted them, weighed them, printed with them and made apple crumble.
Exploring, playing and learning in the garden with our friends.
Reception exploring the numeral 8
Go Jetters Inspired Learning 
Making The Great Wall of China and Big Ben 
Outdoor Fun and Learning
Autumn Leaf Dancing
Sensory Play - Making Tea
Making a String Instrument
Developing Fine Motor Skills - Threading Beads
The Beads became bead doggies!
Creating and building with the Duplo and the Train Track
Creating Artistically in response to listening to Vivaldi's Autumn from The Four Seasons