Sparkles, Twinkles and Lights - Autumn 2019

Our Mini Adventure this half term is called Sparkles, Twinkles and Lights. 
The stories we are using to inspire our learning are Room on the Broom, Whatever Next!,
Owl Babies & The Christmas Story.
We have been exploring the Hindu festival of Diwali - a festival of lights and new beginnings.  We read the story of Rama and Sita and talked about Lakshmi the Goddess of Good Luck and Good Fortune.  We found out that the Hindu people create brightly coloured Rangoli patterns and use Diva Lamps to welcome Lakshmi into their homes and hopefully bring them good luck and good fortune in the coming year.  They also celebrate by having fireworks.  We created our own Rangoli patterns outside using a range of natural and found materials.  We also created our own Diva Lamps using glittery playdough and battery operated tea lights.
Room on The Broom
The children were really inspired by this story and have been actively engaged in a variety of learning experiences.  They made potions using a variety of objects and designed their very own potion and magic spell.  They also created a new wand for a witch by drawing round and star shaped template, they then cut it out and decorated it with sparkles, finally they attached a lolly stick using tape and used it to create their own 'magic!'  The children used their mark making skills to design a new hat for the witch using chalks.  They have been measuring a variety of broomsticks using beads (non-standard) and rulers (standard) measures. 
The Nursery children have been exploring rhyming words using puzzles, games and objects and the Reception children were really focused and engaged when exploring the mathematical concept of 1 more.
Potion Making
The reception children created their very own potions in Outdoor Learning.
Maths - Matching Objects to Numerals
The nursery children have been learning to recognise the numbers to 10.  They worked hard to make sure they did very careful counting when matching the correct number of objects to the numeral.
Owl Babies
We have created our very own 'Owl Babies'.  All of the children helped to make them, you can see them on display in the Explorers' cloakroom.
Exploring different ways of moving using our bodies - crawling, slithering, hopping & walking. 
We have been finding out why we celebrate Bonfire Night.  We made firework pictures using matchsticks as a tool to paint.  We made amazing firework patterns in sand and glitter using our fingers as a mark making tool.  We used instruments to represent the sounds fireworks make and used our bodies to represent fireworks exploding.  We also used ribbons to make patterns and Swirls.
The Reception children have been learning all about 'Onomatopoeia' and used their phonic knowledge to write some words that represent the sounds that fireworks make.
Small World and Natural Building Play
The children enjoy using the Small World and Natural Building Materials to build, explore, create and use their imaginations.  
RE - Advent and Christmas
We have been finding out why we celebrate Christmas and about Advent through a variety of activities.  The reception children used their segmenting and blending skills and scrabble tiles to help them learn the key words and vocabulary.  The children used objects and a birthday card to help them understand that Christmas is a Christian celebration and that it celebrates the birth of 'Jesus'.  
Making Space Rockets
To link with the Story Whatever Next we have been making 'Space Rockets' to take a bear into space.  The children used a variety of reclaimed materials and have been developing the skill of joining materials together.  The children all worked really hard and were very proud of their creations.  
The children have been sorting bears according to their height and then measuring them using non-standard units.  This enabled the children to use the vocabulary - size, tallest, shortest, biggest, smallest, middle sized, measure, non-standard units.
Helping to feed the Birds over the Winter
The reception children made fat balls for the birds.