Vision, Ethos and Values


What is our School Vision?

‘An inspirational and nurturing Primary School where high aspirations and dedication to the development of the whole child secure the best possible academic and personal outcomes for all pupils’

What is our School Ethos?

 Our Ethos and Christian Values, which underpin our shared school Vision, are distilled into a phrase of just 3 words:

 'Loving, Learning, Living’

‘Loving, Learning, Living’ shapes a lens through which we can reflect on everything we do in school, helping us to remember our priorities and focus on who and what is important.

Loving God, ourselves, each other and being thankful and reverent about the world around us

Learning from all our experiences, good and bad, to gain the endurance, wisdom and humility to become our best selves

Living together in peace, friendship, trust and forgiveness, with the belief and compassion to enable everyone in our school to flourish and thrive   

What does our vision and ethos mean for our children?

The Head Teacher, Staff and Governors, in partnership with parents and the wider community, will ensure that our children will be well prepared to live happily together as successful members of an increasingly complicated and diverse world community

During their time with us children will be given every opportunity to:

  • Develop respect and value for themselves, each other and the world we live in
  • Understand, experience and adopt Christian values for themselves
  • Explore, experiment, discover and  challenge themselves to develop imagination, creativity, inventiveness, resourcefulness and problem-solving skills 
  • Be exposed to a rich vibrant and relevant curriculum and learning environment, both in the classroom and outdoors
  • Develop as effective learners with a thirst for learning
  • Celebrate their own and others’ achievements and understand how to take the next steps in their own learning
  • Gain the deep understanding and the breadth of knowledge and skills they need to achieve the best possible outcomes both socially and academically
  • Appreciate the importance  of a healthy lifestyle 
  • Be ready for the successful transition to the next stage of their education and future lives
  • Develop as rounded individuals who will be happy and productive British citizens of the 21stCentury