Water, Water Everywhere! Remote Learning Spring 2021

On this page you will find some information and examples of work completed through remote learning during the Spring Term 2021. 
Please see the document below for our mini adventure planning for this half term. 
This week we have been enjoying learning about the features of rivers, and working on some tricky vocabulary! In maths we have been dividing numbers, using lots of different methods, and we have been using lego and cubes at home to help us!
In English, we have been looking at word classes, and done some descriptive writing using adjectives, adverbs, nouns and verbs. We have been investigating local rivers and some of us can even see the River Coquet from our back doors!
We've had another great week of remote learning and ended it by making some 'Stickhenge' models for outdoor learning on Friday!

As part of our topic, We have been learning about water pollution and problems it causes.

We had a go at planning and inventing a new device that combats water pollution.

In Art we continued to practise shadow and texture on everyday objects by drawing and shading a still life. We focused on our mental health this week and how we are feeling during this time and what helps us to feel better.

For outdoor learning we created our own water pollution and had to find ways to clean up the mess. We use plastic litter, soil, and oil. We found it was much easier and quicker to create water pollution than to clean it all up!

We have looked explanation texts this week and found the main features. We then wrote our own explanation text about the differences between solids, liquids and gases. 
We have really enjoyed learning about the water cycle, and have been doing lots of experiments with the ice and snow, both at home and at school! Well done Voyagers for being so creative!

 This week we have been looking at what causes flooding. We made our own flood safety posters. We carried out a case study on the Morpeth Floods from 2008. We were able to make some fantastic news reports about the event. 

In English, we have been looking at a Native American folk story about water called ‘The Hero Twins’. We read the story and changed it to write our own similar story using Talk for Writing. We made our plan first before writing our short story across two days. Our stories where set in Felton and with us as the main character and another character was stealing all the water, we had to think of a solution to get it back. 

In Art, we have been learning about the works of Claude Monet, we used his famous water lilies to practise our texture and shading. 


This week we have been learning and looking at the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by taking part in the world’s largest lesson. We thought about what a perfect world would look like. We then looked at the importance of clean water and sanitation and thought about how hard it must be for those who do not have clean water nearby and those who must walk miles to get water. We then looked at the importance of looking after our seas and oceans and the problems of marine litter and how we can remove litter such as plastic straws and plastic bags. We learnt about how Christians are working together to fight climate change. 

We also learnt about the zodiac calendar as part of Chinese New Year and the Year of the Ox and practise our Chinese calligraphy for the different zodiac animals. 

In Maths, we have been learning about Money. We opened our own shop and got people to come and buy objects which we then had to add up.  We also practised measuring perimeter by measuring a room in our house and drawing a floor plan of the measurements. 

In outdoor learning, we had adventures and played in the snow. We went sledging and made our own snow people.