Adventurers' and Pioneers' Collective Worship

14th February 2017

The superheroes have left for a holiday and it is now up to the human race to stand up against injustice.  Surely we are all doomed?!
Well, not quite.  Today the children took us on a time travelling adventure to find out about how real-life superheroes have stood up against injustice and have set an example we can learn from.
Today's Collective Worship was the culmination of lots of in-class discussion about the Christian value of 'justice'.  As we thought about it, we considered different Bible stories in which people stood up for what they believed in, at times when things weren't equal and fair.  Learning from stories like The Good Samaritan, we started to find out about heroes of modern times.  
Our Closing Prayer

Grant us, Lord God, a vision of your just world as your love would have it: 

A world where the weak are protected, and none go hungry or poor; 

A world where the riches of creation are shared, and everyone can enjoy them; 

A world where different races and cultures live in harmony and mutual respect; 

A world where peace is built with justice, and justice is guided by love.

Give us the inspiration and courage to build it, through Jesus Christ our Lord.