Our Vision

‘Loving, Learning, Living as we journey together to enable everyone to flourish’


Journeying together, we discover our unique gifts and use them for the benefit of others. We learn to overcome the challenges we face, and support one another to be the best that we can be. As the disciples were transformed by their encounter with Jesus on the journey to Emmaus (Luke 24.13-35), we aim to transform the lives of all those in our school community. We seek to do this through loving, learning and living well together to enable everyone in our school community to flourish. 


‘Loving, learning, living’ shapes our priorities in all areas of school life:


We love God, ourselves and one another. We love and care for our world and our neighbours, locally and globally.


We learn from one another and grow in wisdom from the experiences we encounter so that we are equipped and enabled to become the people we were created to be.


We live together in peace, trust, and with respect. We forgive one another and bring hope to our world.