Blue Reef Aquarium


April 2015

12th April 2015

What a way to end the term!  We travelled to all the way down to Tynemouth to see some real life turtles.  Although they werent trained in the ways of the ninja, it was amazing to learn more about them from our expert tour guide.  She taught us all about the patterns on the shells, how to tell the differences between them and how to care for them.

After the turtles, we got to explore the aquarium and see all the different species that live there.  We talked in our groups about why it was really important that we looked after our seas and rivers because it's home to all these amazing creatures.

Before we left we got to watch both the seal and sea lion shows.  It was awesome!  They were so well trained and could do lots and lots of tricks.  Some of us even dared to stand in the Splash Zone and got soaked as they jumped in and out of the water!